Boat Rental & Shuttle Service

A family in tubes and kayaks on the river
A family in a kayak and a raft
Group of college-age people getting ready to kayak
The boat shuttle by the lodge, with tubes in the trailer

The River House Lodge rents and transports kayaks, tubes, party boats and rafts! We will shuttle your boat, or our rental boat anywhere on the Cheat River Water Trail. The shuttle service is free for those renting our equipment. We also will shuttle your boat for the Cheat River Narrows picking up at Pringle Run takeout. Call now for an appointment: (681) 270-9905 or (681) 270-9009.

We offer tubes, rafts, kayaks (hard shell and inflatable), party boats and swimming floats for six, and pedal boats. For customers staying at the River House Lodge, Campground, and Cannon Hill Inn we offer discounted rates on the rentals. For example, during the month of June we offer a package deal: Stay at the River House Lodge, Campground or Cannon Hill Inn Friday and Saturday, and the boat rentals are 15% off!

We are licensed outfitters for the Cheat River Water Trail.

Pricing (per day):

Kayak (1 person)$25
Kayak (2 people)$35
Raft (3 people)$30
Raft (4 people)$40
Party Boat (6 people)$60
Swimming Float (6 people)$60
Pedal Boat (2 people)$35

Transport (within 10 miles)$15
Transport (within 30 miles)$25

Discount if you are staying at the River House Lodge. For more information, please contact us. Prices may vary with season and year to year. Call for details.

Eagle Flyway

A family in a kayak and a raft

Cheat Valley from Parsons to Cadell has become a habitat for the Bald Eagle—thanks to the efforts of the Friends of the Cheat. These magnificent creatures are often seen by our customers on their float trips from Erwin and Riverview Lounge to Rowlesburg.