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Rodemer Suite 1
Rodemer Suite 1

We're pleased to use Birch Root Farms toiletries in our rooms. This are locally made by Robin and Jim Davis of nearby Etam, WV. Their products are made from goat's milk right on their farm. The goats they raise themselves. Below are a few examples of their range of products.

Rodemer Suite 1

We use ESA line of Accent Amernities at the River House Lodge. Accent Amenities is a luxury supplier of soy based and crafted vegetable based soaps. Their toiletries are made using spa quality formulations, minimal preservatives, post consumer non-bleached board. We are proud to use these products!


Tim Weaver - Owner

Tim Weaver

“My family roots in Rowlesburg go back to the 1790s. My family were all railroaders; my grandfather was an engineer; my stepfather worked at the M&K shops; and uncles and cousins worked for the railroad. I wanted nothing more than to be an engineer. When I was old enough the railroad was laying off the firemen and had a large pool of available people ahead of new hires. I went to college instead and have spent my career in education.

During one summer my wife and I decided to try our hand at B&B in our own home in Newburyport, Massachusetts. From that tiny start came the Market Street Inn and the Greenleaf Inn with 30 rooms and vacation apartments. In recent years I have been drawn back to Rowlesburg. My growing up years were spent in Rowlesburg. I have many friends here dating back to the 1940s.

Every summer meant coming to Rowlesburg to visit my family. As time went by it just made sense to buy a house. Now, I want to provide something the town needs badly: a place for visitors to stay. We already have a start, thanks to Dr. Joe Nassif and the Main Stay. We need more. Hopefully, others will try a hand at it. What a great way to meet people and have something special to offer friends and strangers alike—a great place to stay when in Rowlesburg!”